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UGIVIS’ business and manufacturing headquarters are located in the industrial area of Belley, in the department of Ain within the Region of Rhone-Alpes, France.
Belley, historical and religious capital, was one of the most famous villages of the Roman Empire, thanks to its strategic position: on the crossroad connecting Lyon to Genève. The etymology of Belley is probably liked to the Goddess Bellone, a Roman goddess of war, symbolized by a wolf, now symbol of the city, symbol that can be found on many houses (don’t miss the bronze wolf located in Grande Rue, carved by Colette Sonzogni). The city of Belley, like the whole province of Bugey, has been conquered by different countries. In 1077 the Bugey province was ceded by the Holy Roman Church to the Savoy Family, and finally ceded to France in 1601 with the Treaty of Lyon. The administration of Belley was depending from the Province of Bourgogne.
Catholic Diocese since the 6th century, Belley welcomed many religious orders, these left their mark in the history and architecture of the city. Today Belley is a “sous-prefecture”, the main city of the canton and counts almost 10,000 inhabitants.
People visiting UGIVIS’ Plant, will appreciate the beauty of the landscape around Balley - the biggest natural lake in France, lake Bourget, the city of Chambéry, the Natural Regional Parks of Chartreuse, and Bauges and the National Park of Vanoise, and will also enjoy the typical regional cuisine of this area like the typical dairy products and wine of the Bugey area and its typical high-quality pottery.


The nearest train station to our headquarters is Chambéry (TGV, info)
The nearest airports are Lyon (LYS 80 Km, info), Genève (GVA 76 Km, info) and Grenoble (GNB 67 Km, info).
UGIVIS offers a pick up service for its customers and visitors arriving at the airports and railway station. For further info contact the sales and marketing office.

From Italy : we suggest the Torino-Frejus highway.See map with itinerary.
From Switzerland : we suggest the highway passing through Genève. See map with itinerary.
From South-West and North-West of France : we suggest the road passing through Lyon. See map with itinerary.
From North-East of France and from Belgium : we suggest the road passing through Amberieu-en-Bugey. See map with itinerary.


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